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Allen, Texas, is located in Collin County, north of Dallas. The city is mainly land, but there are some mini-lakes scattered throughout. The city is still part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

The city of Allen has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and cold winters. Each season has its weather and opportunities for you to enjoy yourself. Allen has an elevation of 659 feet above sea level, so it defiantly sees some snow.

What Services Do Pro Green Landscape Solutions Offer in Allen, Texas?

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Spreading water across the lawn is essential to keep it even to promote new growth and bring out vibrant colors in your yard. Sprinklers are the key to achieving a lawn straight out of a magazine, with all its glamor and grandiosity. But when Pro Green is your team, you don’t have to settle for a mediocre lawn.

Sprinklers are best set to a timer before sunrise or after sunset to prevent your grass from scorching by the sun’s harmful rays. Pro Green Landscape Solutions helps set up your timers; we show you how they work. Then, we can adjust the sprinkler heads to reach every inch of your lawn.

With our help, you can have the style of sprinkler heads you want that will also help boost your curb appeal and the value of your home simultaneously. Our team of professionals designs what each sprinkler style will look like in your landscape before we install it for you.

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Irrigation systems are water controllers because they prevent overwatering, underwatering, and watering for too long. From bubble irrigation to drip irrigation, there is a style for you that works great for your landscape. Nothing is worse than trying to install an irrigation system on your own.

We urge you to let the professionals handle the installation of your irrigation system because we know how to install the system to work with your garden carefully. It’s all about harmony and encouraging your plants to grow to their full potential. In addition, our trustworthy team maintains and repairs your system to protect your garden from accidental flooding due to leaking or cracked piping.

Irrigation systems water your plants effectively and provide the roots with adequate water that keeps the soil moist and the plants vibrant and healthy. In addition, each part of your irrigation system is maintained and cared for throughout the year to boost longevity.

Irrigation Winterization - Pro Green Landscape Solutions

Irrigation Winterization

Irrigation winterization is vital for the protection of your system and your landscape. Burst pipes are common in the winter, and this is why our team does it right. Don’t attempt to prep your irrigation system independently because mistakes can be very expensive to correct come spring.

We focus on each zone because the damage could spread to other irrigation sections if one gets missed. Winterization doesn’t take very long to accomplish, but we take our time to protect your garden thoroughly. Irrigation winterization also involves; shutting off the main water supply, opening drain valves, and blowing compressed air through the pipes to remove any remaining water.

Proper winterization is the difference between protecting the future of your garden and destroying it.

Pro Green Landscape Solutions offers professional sprinklers, irrigation, and winterization in Allen, Texas, and its surrounding communities. Our team provides you with customer service that will allow us to execute the kind of irrigation system you are seeking. Our work is of the highest quality, and we make sure you are satisfied with the results before we leave.

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