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Highland Park is located in central Dallas County in Texas. It’s only four miles from downtown Dallas, which is practically next door. Highland Park and University Park are often considered the Park Cities of the Dallas- Metro area, and they both have plenty of opportunities to offer their residents and visitors.

Highland Park is landlocked, making the summers hot and humid while the winters are frigid. However, the climate is still subtropical, and the humidity doesn’t help the heat of the summer. Highland is also separated into two main parts, Old Highland and Highland Park, depending on what side of Preston Street you’re at.

What Services Does Pro Green Landscape Solutions Offer?

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Sprinklers are essential for keeping your lawn green and healthy all season long. Our team can help you decide what style of sprinkler heads fits your needs and boost your curb appeal. Although the type of sprinkler head is up to you, and how each style will fit in your landscape, there are many to choose from.

Using sprinklers saves you time and energy from having to water your grass daily or rely on the weather to do it for you. We can set your sprinkles up to a timing device so that you can control what days and times work best for your lawn to be watered. You must allow Pro Green to install the sprinkler system for you because we have years of experience and a very specialized skill set.

Each lawn is different, so the placement of each sprinkler head is essential to promote as much effective watering as possible. As a result, you won’t have to worry about yellowing the corners of your landscape due to lack of water.

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Irrigation boosts the value of your home and saves you water by protecting against overwatering. With updated irrigation systems, the growth of your landscape will shock you in the best ways. Pro Green ensures the safety and protection of your home when we are the team in charge of installing your system.

Irrigation systems are another great methodology for watering your plants productively and efficiently. Not all plants respond well to the amount of water sprinklers give off, so by having a drip irrigation system installed; your plants get the perfect amount of water. We find the solution that bests
fits your concerns and fits well in your garden every time.

You don’t have to worry about maintaining your irrigation system because our team keeps your system in working condition and replaces any parts that become corroded, broken, or starting to leak. Water leakage drowns your plant life and prevents them from growing to its full potential.

Irrigation Winterization - Pro Green Landscape Solutions

Irrigation Winterization

What is winterization? It’s what we call the process of releasing water from pipes before shutting them down for the winter. Water left in pipes and hoses will freeze and expand, causing your irrigation system to burst and having to replace them when spring comes.

Irrigation is an extremely important system that keeps your property green and healthy. Until the ice and snow have thawed, let us store it for you when your garden comes back to life in the spring. Winterization helps protect your system from breaking and keeps your plant life from starving for nutrients in the warmer months.

Pro Green Landscape Solutions offers professional sprinklers, irrigation, and winterization in Allen, Texas, and its surrounding communities. Our team provides you with customer service that will allow us to execute the kind of irrigation system you are seeking. Our work is of the highest quality, and we make sure you are satisfied with the results before we leave.

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