University Park: Professional Irrigation Services by Pro Green

 South, East, and West of Dallas (we’re surrounded on three sides), you’ll find the city of University Park in Dallas County. Home to the George W. Bush Presidential Center & Presidential Library and Southern Methodist University, University Park is a lovely suburban city with beautiful parks, excellent schools, and lots of natural beauty.

Like most of Texas, the 3.7 square miles that make up University Park experiences all four seasons. Like the other cities in our area, our winters are relatively mild, while our summers are decidedly not! To top it all off, we must worry about tornadoes, so it’s lucky that Texans are tough! Plant life here takes some TLC, especially when it comes to watering. That’s a big part of what led Pro Green to specialize in bringing quality irrigation to University Park residents and businesses.

How Can We Help Your Property in University Park?

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Drip Irrigation

While most people think of sprinklers when they think about irrigation, drip irrigation is also an excellent solution for irrigating your yard! With drip irrigation, we water your plants right at the roots! Then you don’t have to worry about evaporation or runoff, making it perfect for watering a landscape with a variety of plants or with an uneven gradient.

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Irrigation Repairs

One of the most common problems that irrigation systems face is a sprinkler accidentally getting clipped by a lawnmower or kicked during a game. Replacing sprinkler heads and other repairs are all part of the job for Pro Green. We know that accidents happen, and we’re available to handle your irrigation repair and maintenance needs when they arise.

When you need a professional to handle your drip irrigation, landscape design, irrigation repairs, fertilization, landscape lighting, and lawn treatments in Unversity Park, call Pro Green for all your landscaping needs! We’ve been landscaping in Texas for over twenty years, and it shows! Our experience and professionalism are unmatched in the field, and we’d love to make you our newest customer.

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