If there’s one thing we all need, including your plants, it is water. But when you live in a sometimes dry climate, you must be careful how you water. So when Pro Green installs an Irrigation system on your property, you know you will save water and money by watering the right amount every time. First, we install and program your irrigation system. Then we’re available for regular irrigation maintenance and repairs.


Our team evaluates your lawn to determine what style of sprinkler heads fit your lawn best. We also determine the placement of each sprinkler throughout your lawn to maximize the watering process. With Pro Green’s help, your lawn will be watered evenly and grow thicker and more vibrant.

Irrigation Winterization

The unique thing about water is that when it gets cold, it expands. That can be an issue for your pipes! That’s why we do comprehensive irrigation winterization every winter for our clients’ irrigation systems. We protect your investments by ensuring it’s ready for the cold.

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