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What Does Pro green Include In Our Irrigation Winterization Services?

The unique thing about water is that when it gets cold, it expands. That can be an issue for your pipes! That’s why we do comprehensive irrigation winterization every winter for our clients’ irrigation systems. We protect your investments by ensuring it’s ready for the cold.


Irrigation Winterization - Pro Green Landscape Solutions

Why Use Pro green for Your Irrigation Winterization Services?

Finding a good match for your property can be difficult. Pro Green ensures you’re always happy with our work and service by putting our values first.

  • Licensing and Certification – Qualifications matter when working on someone’s property, so Pro Green carries all the necessary licenses and certifications to do our jobs well.
  • Experience – We have over twenty years of experience in landscaping and understand all aspects of landscaping and how they work together.
  • Customer Service – We care about growing our customer relationships as much as the plants on their landscape, so we put customer service first in all of our interactions.

Why Get Professional Irrigation Winterization?

Protect Your Investment

Anytime you don’t use something for months at a time, you need to take the time to decommission it properly. That’s doubly true if the reason is weather based. You winterize your home, car, and anything of value. So naturally, you’d want to do the same for the irrigation system that waters your landscape.
Because your pipes are full of water, we need to ensure they do not continue to operate during the winter, are fully emptied, and are insulated from the cold wherever necessary.

Youtube Doesn’t Solve Everything

Want an impossible task? Try to find someone who hasn’t used Youtube to learn something unique. And when you’re working on a creative project or anything with low stakes, it’s a great way to learn a new skill. But when you’re working with something complex and expensive, you need the eyes and experience of a pro.

Most DIY projects work great if everything goes the way the instructions promise. But a video or instruction booklet can’t predict every possible mishap and tell you how to solve it. The professionals at Pro Green have decades of experience and use it to recognize issues that aren’t as obvious to those who aren’t seasoned pros.

Every System Is Different

Even if you know a little about irrigation winterization, every system operates differently. What works for one may not work for another. In fact, if your model is a little different than what you think, you may actually damage the system by following the wrong set of instructions.

Other pests that are silent invaders on your landscape are weeds that may not be recognized for what they are. Luckily, weed control also helps eliminate these nuisances so that you can have some relief!

What Else Do We Do for Your Irrigation System?

Comprehensive Irrigation and Other Landscaping Services

Irrigation winterization is just one small piece of caring for your irrigation systems and the rest of your landscape. Pro Green offers thorough care for your existing system or installation of a new one, along with our landscape design services.

  • Our 18-Point Irrigation Inspection – Preventing a problem is always better than fixing one, and our thorough 18-point irrigation inspection helps to catch problems early or catch them before they start.
  • Irrigation Installation and Repairs – If you haven’t yet installed an irrigation system or yours isn’t working correctly, Pro Green handles all areas of irrigation systems.
  • Landscape Design – If you want a gorgeous landscape, let’s begin with a visual conception of it so that you can make any adjustments before you start the hard work of installation.

For professional irrigation winterization and other services in Frisco, University Park, and the entire Dallas-Ft. Worth Metro area, call Pro Green for all your landscaping needs.
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