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Plano, Texas, is a diverse city known as the City of Excellence. We’re home to several corporate headquarters or regional offices, including Pizza Hut, Frito Lay, Rent-a-Center, Zoës Kitchen, Cinemark Theatres, and more. We are also an educational center with several campuses or satellite campuses for  Collin College and Dallas Baptist University here.  

Though named after the flat plains that are common to the area, Plano’s abundance of large gorgeous trees makes our landscape far from boring. Experts believe one tree in Bod Woodruff Park is over 200 years old! But, even if your landscape’s features are a little younger, Pro Green will be proud to care for everything in your yard through the hot summers and mild winters of the year. 

What Can Pro green Do For Your Plano Property?

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Getting your plants the right amount of water to thrive is a problem faced by every Plano homeowner with any landscaping. When people water manually, they tend to do too much or occasionally too little. Either way is bad for your plants. You have two options to give your plants the consistency they need to thrive: drip irrigation or sprinkler systems. Pro Green installs both and will help you determine which is right for you.

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Irrigation Repairs

Nothing is entirely maintenance-free. Whether you clipped your sprinkler head with a lawn mower, got a leak, or something just worn out over time, irrigation repairs come with the territory. Let Pro Green know at the first sign that your irrigation isn’t correctly working so we can fix it immediately before the problem worsens or you lose any plant life.

Irrigation Winterization - Pro Green Landscape Solutions

Irrigation Winterization

Before the winter starts, ensure your car is ready for it. The same is true for your home. Your irrigation system needs its own winterization service. Pro Green takes care of all your irrigation winterization needs, ensuring your system won’t face issues in the winter that will ruin your lawn or other plants once spring arrives.

For professional irrigation winterization, landscape design, irrigation repairs, landscape lighting, irrigation, and lawn treatment in Plano, call Pro Green for your landscaping needs. We will treat you with the same professionalism and quality we’ve given our clients and their properties for twenty years. We put integrity first and would love to treat your property like ours.

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