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What Do We Include In Our Irrigation Services?

If there’s one thing we all need, including your plants, it is water. But when you live in a sometimes dry climate, you must be careful how you water. So when Pro Green installs an Irrigation system on your property, you know you will save water and money by watering the right amount every time. First, we install and program your irrigation system. Then we’re available for regular irrigation maintenance and repairs.


Technician inspecting a sprinkler

Why Trust Pro green for Your Irrigation Needs?

Trust is everything when you allow someone to work on your property. Pro Green earns that trust with every customer interaction.

Experience – With over two decades in landscaping, the Reed family understands your landscape and how to treat it right.
Customer Care – Beyond the quality of work, everyone wants to feel like they matter, so Pro Green treats all our customers with respect, as they should.
Licensing & Certification – We are a licensed business that carries insurance and all necessary certifications.

Our Signature 18 Point Irrigation Inspection Checklist

We ensure your irrigation system is in excellent working order by thoroughly inspecting it using our signature 18-Point Irritation Inspection Checklist, which we describe below.


  • Test the power supply for proper volts.
  • Test the valve wires from the controller, checking for proper ohms and connections.
  • Inspect for loose wires at the controller.
  • Check the day and time settings at the controller, then adjust as needed.
  • Inspect the start and run time settings. Seasonal runtime adjustments may need to be added to a work order.


  • Valves should be checked regularly to ensure they are not leaking. Signs of leaking include roots, green moss, washed fine sand, or standing water.
  • Look for water seeping from irrigation heads when the valves are turned off.
  • Check for missing or damaged valve box lids.

Sprinkler Heads

  • Visual inspection for broken sprinkler heads or nozzles.
  • Inspect rotors and rotary heads so that they rotate correctly. -Ensure sprinkler heads work and have proper nozzles for the area.
  • Minor head adjustments to ensure nozzles are turned in the correct direction.
  • Visual inspection to check proper coverage and minimal dry spots.
  • Visual head inspection looking for low or high set heads. Low heads are often found after installing new sod, which restricts output, while tall heads become a mower or trip hazards.
  • Visual inspection for low pressure due to too many heads or wrong nozzles on a zone. Each system/zone has GPM limitations, and all nozzles or heads have different GMP outputs.

Drip or Bubblers

  • Visual inspection for bubblers too far from shrubs or plants causes an over‐water condition for the water to reach the plant.
  • Visual inspection to make sure drip zones activate and there are no leaks. It’s common for the drip to be punctured during aeration, animals, or new planting.


  • Visual inspection for wet spots, low pressure, or areas washed out due to leaks.

Repairs or Modification

  • All repairs or modifications will be an additional cost. We’ll provide an estimate following the inspection for review or approval.

Seasonal Management Program

Seasonal Inspections (Spring, Summer, and Fall)

  • Includes an 18-point inspection checklist.
  • Includes seasonal controller runtime adjustments.
  • Priority service for program members.

Repairs or Modifications

All repairs or modifications will be an additional cost. We’ll provide an estimate following the inspection for review or approval.

How Else Can Pro Green Improve Your Irrigation and Your Landscape?

Pro Green’s Landscaping Services Are Comprehensive

Your irrigation needs last all year, and your landscaping needs go beyond irrigation. Here are some of the other professional services Pro Green offers.

  • Irrigation Winterization – Water and cold weather don’t mix. That’s why to take extra caution to winterize your irrigation system before the first freeze.
  • Landscape Design – Everything goes better when you start with a plan, so Pro Green helps you visualize it before installing it.
  • Landscape Lighting – Lighting your landscape improves safety, security, aesthetics, and your next outdoor gathering!

For all your professional irrigation and landscaping needs in Dallas-Fort Worth, Frisco, University Park, and the surrounding areas contact Pro Green!
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