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What Is Included In Our Sprinklers Services?

Our team evaluates your lawn to determine what style of sprinkler heads fit your lawn best. We also determine the placement of each sprinkler throughout your lawn to maximize the watering process. With Pro Green’s help, your lawn will be watered evenly and grow thicker and more vibrant.

Each step of the installation process will promote your grass to stay around for longer and have fewer chances of weeds and other pesky invaders from taking over. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the sprinkler breaking down. After all, we also maintain the sprinkler for you because we have the experience.



Sprinklers keeping lawns in Dallas- Fort Worth, TX green and healthy

Why Choose Pro Green?

Our team is one with values and a strong sense of teamwork. We value our community and give back in any way we can. Our job isn’t done until each client is satisfied with the result.

  • Communication allows us to execute the needs of each client that helps their property thrive.
  • Customer service skills allow our team to build strong bonds with each client.
  • Professionalism is the skill that we each possess to keep our team strong and ready for any project that comes our way.

How Does Your Lawn Benefit with Our Help?

Hard-to-Reach Places Get Watered

All corners of your lawn get watered with the help of sprinkler systems with long-reach heads so those hard-to-reach places in your lawn aren’t missed. Many sprinkler heads promote distant watering that still evenly waters the lawn, including rotation sprinklers. You won’t have to worry about the perimeter of your yard getting forgotten about when Pro Green is the team on your side!

Corners by fences and the home are most commonly hard-to-reach places because they are next to structures that get in the way. As a result, we prevent those areas from getting yellow and dying.

The Grass Grows to its Full Potential and Vibrant Color

The grass can grow to its full potential with plenty of water, and the bright green grass grows fuller. Sprinklers should be set up when the sun isn’t at its peak in order to maximize your yard’s growth patterns. This is to prevent the sun from scorching the grass.

Our team provides your lawn with the care and attention it needs to be able to keep growing.

Your Lawn Gets the Right Amount of Water

The best part about sprinklers is that the lawn gets even water throughout the watering cycle. When the sprinklers are active for a set amount of time, the grassroots can grow thicker and stronger, making the grass more durable. In addition, sprinklers and timers prevent overwatering and promote nutrient intake.

Each water cycle is essential for the health of the root systems. They are the most important part of your lawn. The roots constantly look for water and grow to their full potential, allowing the grass to grow a vibrant green.

How Does Irrigation Winterization Help Your Sprinkler System?

Increases the Longevity of the Sprinkler System

Winterization protects your watering systems from bursting by any leftover water freezing. Pro Green handles the winterization process for you, so mistakes are minimalized.

  • Irrigation Winterization – Irrigation winterization releases water from the irrigation or sprinkler systems before the temperature drops below freezing.
  • Irrigation – Irrigation systems focus on providing enough water that each flowerbed requires without overwatering and drowning the plants.

Pro Green Landscape Solutions offer professional sprinklers in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Frisco, University Park communities, and more in Texas.

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